Plaaswag Boerboele- DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY

I would not recommend anyone buying a boerboel puppy from a dishonest company. I unfortunately had such a bad experience. I ordered two Boerboel puppies from the owner of Plaaswag Boerboele on the 28th of July 2018, with an instant payment of R14000. My circumstances changed real quickly as I found out my husband and I had to leave for the United States of America in a matter of days. I called the owner explaining my situation and that I sadly had to cancel my order for the two puppies. The owner only paid me back R7000. After numerous emails back and forth I am still waiting for the rest of my money to be paid back. The owner told me in his emails he will pay me back in “two weeks time” and then when the day arrives, he is “ waiting for the payment to show”, then still nothing. When I emailed again after a few days asking for the payment he had another excuse.I was generous enough to give the owner 6 months to pay me back the outstanding amount after the 25% paid for booking admin and handling fees, which I really think was enough time.This was such a bad experience, as I really wanted to keep a good relationship with the owner for future business, but I really can’t deal with dishonest people.

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