How to cope with the death of young kittens

I got a new baby kitten around thanksgiving a few weeks ago as a first trimester senior year in High school gift. He was a very cute little grey kitten who was silly and brought personality to my household. We have two other pets so at first we kept him in a room superset until they got comfortable with each other through a slow process. We found that he was a very social kitten and wanted to be around our family. He cuddled,nursed and played with us all day. Two days ago everyone in my family left the house to go watch my last senior year winter dance concert that I have been practicing with my team for a really long time. When I came back to my house I invited my friends over for a little after party because winter break was coming and concert was very successful. We wanted to put the animals in a separate room so they wouldn’t go outside but we couldn’t find the new baby kitten. My parents left upstairs and later ended up finding the kitten dead. I was unaware of this because they didn’t want to tell me with all my friends there. The next day we were leaving out of town to go celebrate my 18th birthday with my family and my parents let me know that my baby kitten died while we were probably at the dance concert because he went into the my parents bathroom and started playing in the little trash can. He started playing with a plastic bag when we were unaware of this and suffocated and died that night. I have never lost a pet so unexpectedly and sudden. I lost two cats around middle school which we owned before I was born but they were old cats so their deaths were a little sad but also a celebration of a very long life. I lost my grandpa around my sophomore year in high school and his death was also very sad but it wasn’t super hard on me emotionally because he had dementia for at least two years and was expected to die soon. I thought I had 20 years with this kitten. I thought I would see his personality when he became a grown cat, watch him play with my other animals and he would be in my life for many eventful moments like graduating high school. I feel silly for being so sad about a kitten I have only had for a few weeks. I don’t know how to properly cope with this grief. My birthday was today and it has been two days since the kittens death. I cried multiple times alone because I didn’t want others knowing my grief on my birthday because I still had a wonderful day but am still dealing with this sadness. I want to know if these accidents are common, any healthy tips for dealing with this grief and also knowing whether getting another cat that’s not a kitten is a good idea and how long I should wait. The kitten brought so much spirit to my family and it feels so weird without his energy and I wanna respect his death and my feelings but I get the sense another animal will help me move on. Any thoughts?  



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I understand how sad this loss is... I woke up this morning to finding out my kitten had passed away last night while I was out of town. Her tongue was bloody and I do not know her cause of death. I am a 19 year old freshman in college and I have cried multiple times. I don't think it is silly to show grief. I am so sorry that what happened to your baby. I haven't found any way of dealing with this yet and I don't know what I am going to do when I go back home and spot one of my baby's toys somewhere or see her favorite sleeping spot. Keep me updated on how you're coping.

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