My cat just passed away could someone help me figure out how?

Hi.. About 4 hours ago my 7 year old sweet boy passed away. Im in complete shock as i was leaving school as it happened. When i came home my mum was balling crying and told me that my cat passed away he was never hit or abused. He was taken care of very well and had the best life a cat could ever have.. He was very very healthy and was a male. He apparently was ontop of my mothers bed, My mum then heard a thump and went upstairs to see him flopping around on the floor. There was no blood there was no past problems with him, Nothing. Could someone please tell me what happened to him, Did he pass away with pain? did he not even know what happened. Im just really hoping he passed away without any pain or problems.. We believe he might of had a brain aneurysm, But no one at the vet told us what they think it might of been.. He just fell off the bed, Flopped around for a few seconds, And took his last two breathes. His heart stopped, we took him to the vet and got him cremated. We didint take his ashes though because it was like 250$ and not taking the ashes was 50$.. I just wanna know did my cat die okay? Thanks..

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