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I saw the commercial a hundred times, but have never met anyone who has actually used the pedi paws nail trimmer.  Has anyone here ever tried it?  Can you tell me if its a good product or not?



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how do you manage to bath dogs that are too playful? how can you handle the grooming procedure?

Worst morning of my life today.  I woke up and found that I had left the door open and my dog got out.  Worst of all, no tags on!  I cant tell all of you how much pain it caused it me to think that my three year old black lab had gotten lost in San Francisco.  I immediately put up flyers of my dog missing with my phone number and his picture.  My friends all chipped in and started driving all around helping me look (thanks again to everyone!).  It was Sunday morning and all the shelters were closed, but was next on my places to look.  Sure enough, a neighbor had seen the flyer and did a quick search on CraigsList for anyone who might of found a dog.  Bam, I got a call letting me know they saw a post of someone who found a dog.  I replied to the post, and sure enough, they had found my dog.  I cant tell all of you how bad it felt when I realized my dog went missing, and how relieved and happy I was to have found him.  The major point I wanted to share was how great of a resource CraigsList was in helping me find my dog.



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My roommate has a lab and his dog sheds all over the place.  Its constant, and I am sick of eating breakfast/dinner and finding hair in my food.  Its everywhere!  Does anyone have any tips on how to reduce the amount of hair that this dog sheds?  Would taking him to groomer or daily brushing help.  Any trade secrets would be much appreciated.

I have a 2 1/2 year old female who is going into her 4th heat cycle. She is around 2-3 pounds and we are considering breeding her to a male that is smaller than she. Any advice would be great!

I noticed recently that my dog Snoopy has developed a new bad behaivior habit, where he will be walking down the street (without a leash) and bults after strangers and jumps up on them.  He has never done this before, and I need to know how to stop it.  The obvious answer is to put him on a leash, but I wanted to know if anyone had any training tips that would stop his instinct, and allow me to continue walking him without a leash.

BTW, he is a freindly dog.  And its that I am worried he is going to hurt someone, its more along the lines of respecting others and keeping my dog under control.  Any help would be really apreciated.



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hi all!!! i'm new here!!! i hope i do make lots of friends here.... :)

i wanted to share this super cute video to all of you..... i saw it on youtube a few times already because i find it really nice.... i'm so glad someone made a dvd such as this one.....

this is the trailer of the dvd..... check it out.... it's heart warming :)

I was at the dog the park the other day and say this guy's dog doing back flips. Their were a lot of people, and was really impressive to watch, so I did not get a chance to ask him how he trained his dog to do a back flip. I know its a long shot, but does anyone out here know how a dog can be trained to do back flips?



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Hey Everyone, It's me, Tom the Turkey (Gobble Gobble).

This year I would love to hear the best stories about your pet/s and Thanksgiving. Who knows, the best story may win a prize courtesy of me, Tom the Turkey!

My best freind has a very old and tired labrador.  As a young dog, he was a great friend to me, and loyal dog to her.  Now I fee terrible, becasue he just isnt healthy and is really old.  It seems like he is in pain and I want to tell her its time to put him to sleep.  Can anyone help suggest a way for me to bring up the subject without causing her a lot of pain?

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