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I have a red heeler (australian cattle dog). He's about a year and a half old. Since this past fall, we have seen him several times lose coordination in his back legs. At first he will just slow down then we see him try to walk but then back up and sit. It only lasts a few minutes but it's extremely upsetting. Is this a seizure or nerve damage?



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I have 2 dogs, one who is a small dog full on energy and LOVES everyone, then I have my big dog who is scared of everything. Sadie is terrified of people and anything new.

Sadie was born at my mom's house and was the toughest little puppy so she was the one I wanted, but as she got older she started becoming very skiddish.  I used to take her to parks as a puppy but she didn't really like it, so I stopped. She's 5 now and I have just taken her from my mom's house into our new appartment and she seems happy when inside, she kinda just lays around, then comes bothering me and my husband just wagging her tail and licking us (which is her fav past time).

She asks to go out, but as soon as I take her outside her ears perk up (like deer do when something spooks them) and she stops all the time, she hides behind me, and if she sees another person she tries to run away. . .since she moved here she is barely eating, (its only been a couple days) and I don't know what to do, I finally got a place where I'm allowed big dogs and I'm SO excited I have her here (cause my mom was going to take her to the pound if I couldn't)

Her mom was an abandoned puppy my dad found on the side of the road and is a little skiddish to new people but warms up 10 times quicker than sadie does. She was never ever abused in her life, I've tried the socializing thing. We have a dog park down the road, but she gets soo scared she just poops all over herself because of all the people and I hate seeing her like that.

I need help. . .

I know this one by heart.. I own 2 dogs and both of them are two different breeds, one of them is a German Shepard and Chow mix  and the other one is Chihuahua and Dachshund mix and both of them are great around kids , other animals , and great protector's . Even though the Chihuahua and Dachshund mix is the smallest breed that i have.



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Hello all, my name is Sonia. I recently purchase an Akita puppy. She is beauiful and has brought much joy to my life. Diamond is now 15wks old and is up to date in all her shot and medical needs.


My question is, i'm noticing that Diamond doesn't seem to like children. It's very much in her nature which has been research. All my children are grown and gone.

My grandchildren live in NC and come to visit for the summer. ages 9 and 6 female and male. I'm not around small children so how do i get diamond to ajust to kids?


                                                                                                            Thank you

I was keeping a dog for friend now she is mine.She is suppose to be a weim-mastiff mix.Ilet her live in my house with elvis -year old bulldog- plot mix.i was having to chain her[this really hurt me]when i left so i'd have curtains when i got back but the bad weather we are having in s.e. N.C.{snow-lot of rain] istarted leaving her inside[closed curtain]so far so good.i noticed when she was on the chain and i was iside she wouuld play with other dogs that came by but let me come out and she would want to attack them or i let her out {not knowing they were out there]she tears them up] is this natural ?is she jealous ?elvis is a male and one is a female blood hound. ALSO how can I tell what she really is [she is black shiny slick coat  brown eyes inside of ears feel extremly slick wiegh about 100 lbs. 10 months old] I was glad to help my friend now i am glad  she gave her to me.SHE IS VERY LOVING and likes to sit behind me in the chairs.Elvis doesn't mind but he doesn't want her in the bed with us.I bought her a used sofa and put it in the bedroom so she could be near and comtable. you guessed it by now i love and care for my dogs like children.



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My 2 year old bullmastiff plops himself on a very expensive chair whenever we leave the house. We shooed him off this piece of furniture the first time it happens and continue to do so. He only goes onto the chair when we leave, and as soon as he hears the key in the door, he runs away, knowing he is not supposed to be there. Any advice? It is a big problem with slobber & spit. He has three beds in the house, but this one chair seems to be a magnet. HELP!



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hello my name is jennifer,my mom has this dog her name is blance and she is 13 years old,for the past few days we have not been able to get her up like to go outside to go to the bathroom,and she wil not get up to eat.everytime she tries to get up she falls back down.what can we do PLEASE HELP US.

We adopted Quincy from the dog pound after his human mom died.  He is about 10 pounds, has a wonderful temperament, and loves to be held and petted.  He's playful, friendly, and a great therapy dog at the nursing home.  He has long hair, but does not shed.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. thanks!

hi all cocoa eats and chews on every thing you name it she has eather eat it or killed it please help me we have even try that stuff that they haet but she did not careand stills dose it

  • What do you think is it a good idea to dye a dog with kool-aid or food coloring?

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