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I am hoping I can get some advice for a 15 month old Bischon who yelps once in pain each morning after he has been awake for an hour or two.  Once he yelps, (right out of nowhere and mostly when completely inactive), he gets low to the ground and goes under the couch.  He has no fever, is drinking and eating, sleeping normal and plays normal.  He is noticeably filling out in size lately and I wonder if growing pains can be like this?  He has been at the vet, and is taking Metacam once a dayfor the past 3 days, and in the hours right after medication, seems completely normal.  I am resting him somewhat in case it is a muscle pull as he plays each day with our Standard Poodle and they can be quite rough.  I have stopped him from taking stairs in the resting time but he is going for walks on leash.  

We cannot afford to run him to the vet each day as we are unemployed right now, but I have no idea what might be going on.  This was a puppy bought for me when our daughter left for the armed services and is very special to me.  
Any advice would be helpful.
Thank You for reading,



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I have a 10 month old Boxer mix who sits on my older Lab's head. She folds one leg under her with her bottom on the head of the Lab. Is this for dominance or is she quirky



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Just got a new puppy and he wont sleep through the night.  He is always barking and crying.  Should I take him out of the cage and let him sleep on my bed?  It seems like it might be a good idea, at least so i can get a good night of sleep.

I have had my puppy for two months... i have tried everything in the book to house break her and nothing is working. she knows she does wrong because she ducks and hides...well to make matters worse she has now decided to pee on my furniture !  any suggestions?  what age do they finally pick it up?  i have a boxer i adopted from the pound at around age 10-12 months that had never been in the house and she was trained perfect NO accidents in a week!  what am i doing wrong?????

If a dog has a sensitive stomach, what type of food should I be feeding him?

Anyone have any idea what breeds my dog may be?  We're thinking a Glen of Imaal mix.  He's very social, likes anyone.  Probably the sweetest, smartest dog I've ever had.

     Does anyone hv any thoughts  on Brittany Spaniels ?  i.e. temperament, etc.   We currently hv an elderly English Setter, and wondering 'bout temperament, lifespan, size of the spaniels,   I thought there was a larger spaniel but cannot seem to locate the name of the breed .. ??    thanks, nancy lee

My dog was diagnosed with a melanoma in her mouth - lymph nodes were clear and vet suggests a radical surgery to remove part of the pallet and jaw in hopes that they will get all the cancer saying it was an 80% chance of success.

I'm concerned if her quality of life will be effected long term.  My gut is telling me not to go for the surgery - to put her through this pain - but the doctors suggest strongly that it is the way to go.

Has anyone experienced the surgery to remove a dog's melanoma and if so, what was/is your advice on whether I should go ahead with the surgery. 

Thanks,  Etna

help she goes outside and then inside I've switched to crate training where she also pee's and poops, i stay home and she goes out alot and I controls her food and water times nothing is working

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