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My 14 week old britney spaniel puppy does not like her leash at all! What can I do to show her that the leash could be a fun thing??



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Trying to breed my very small pomeranian male the bitch is a bit taller then him she will let him mount her but when he trys to penetrate her she moves away she has never been mated or has my male,she is in the right cycle to mate,only wont let him enter,what to do?

My 10.5 year old male Cairn Terrier will stand in the corner, or under chairs after supper. Breakfast is moist Bil Jac dry kibbles, supper is moist Bil Jac dry kibbles with a touch of chopped fresh veggies.   He will do this for 2-10 minutes if I let him.  He stands quietly, and seems a bit confused. I generally comfort/hold him. 

This has been getting progressively more pronounced in the past 1-2 years.

I will try dividing supper, maybe give him a doggie anticid before supper, in case it could be some form of stomach upset.

He does not do this after breakfast, and will not do this until he has eaten be it early or later [ 5:30 to 7 pm].  A vet tech suggested it was a form of Sundowners syndrome, similar to older humans who suffer worse from alzheimers--and have worse episodes in the evenings.

Most vets whom I ask about this have no solution.

Any ideas? 

Is anyone elses dog afraid of thunder?  My boy just recently started to get more and more afraid of storms.  He sits there and pants and it looks uncomfortable.  Any tips on how I can help him get more comfortable when there is a storm?



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Does anyone have any proven methods of how to deal with a dog who has thunderstorm phobia and can be destructive when left alone?



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So I wanted to share this info with anyone who has a dog with hip dysplasia. My 8 yr old boxer developed it so i started doing some research and found this website that helped me and my dog out alot! check out dvm consultants if you have any questions about it let me know.



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my 1 year old lab mix has been using the bathroom in my house as well as where she sleeps (i know that is not normal behavior). What can i do to help her? She was abused before i got but i have had her for almost a year now and she knows that i wont even yell at her. she acts to much like a puppy according to my mom. i really could use some advice on what to do with my dog.

the vet gave me 4 pills 2 give my rottwieller b4 bringin him n 4 his shots 2day they r a sedative they did calm him sum but now 8 hrs lster he cannot hardly stand his eyes r droopy an he is not very responsive does any1 no if this is normal the pills were acepromazine

We believe that Buddy is a either a Dauchund-Chihuahua mix, or possibly a Manchester Terrier mix.  Our vet has said he thinks that Buddy is a Yorkshire Terrier mix, but we do not think so.  He is the most loving little guy you can imagine, but is very timid and even a bit neurotic at times; however, we simply ADORE our sweet little guy-- whatever breed mix he may actually be...



Last night my 2 year old Beagle mix breed started acting funny.  She went to go to the bathroom and then started walking back as if something was stuck in her butt.  We've had this happen before, when she's eatten yarn from a toy or something, and we've had to pull it out and she was fine.  But this time we looked and nothing was there. 

She was walking as if something needed to come out still, tail between the legs and sort of limping.  Once we brought her in the house, we lied on the couch with her and her tummy was spasming.  The muscles were tightening and letting go, fairly frequently.  When she was walking around her ears were back.  She also kept trying to sit and sniff or lick her hind-quarters and/or butt/vaginal area.

She is a VERY happy and energetic dog, so her walking around with her ears back I could tell something was seriously wrong.

Also, when we go to pet her on the back, once we got to the hind-quarters she'd pull her head back and act like she's protecting herself, or it hurts so she'll pull her head back and sniff and lick our hand.

She looks very upset and I have NO idea what could be wrong... I looked up symptoms of kindey infections, UTI's, stomach flips, ect. But, I just don't know.  She did just get over being in heat, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it?!?!

She hasn't eatten since we got home, only a treat that we gave her with a baby asprin, to help the pain.  Only once or twice has she wimpered.  She has drank water but not excessively.  When I brought her out to go to the bathroom she peed and it did not look like there was blood or anything out of the ordinary.  She went to poop, but unfortunately we're in the middle of a snow storm and I couldn't follow her into the woods where she went, to see what that looked like or if she actually did poop.  Maybe she's constipated?

If anyone has ANY idea what could be wrong I'd love ANY suggestions.  We are gonna bring her to the vet tomorrow if the symptoms persist, but if anyone has had similar symptoms happen to them I'd love to know so I can have an idea to tell the vet.  I would very much appreciate any words of advice.  I love my puppy girl so much and only hope she gets better! Thank you in advance for anything!

-A concerned puppy girl owner (Amy)

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