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I'm including a link to pictures I uploaded to photobucket. Some of the pictures are right after she was groomed, but two of them (with the funny hair on her head) are what she looks like naturally.

Personality and temperament:

very calm
very easy to train
doesn't bark often, unless someone comes to the door
follows me around like a shadow
acts like she knows what I want from her before I tell her

I'm going to get a canine DNA test as soon as I can afford it, but I've read that sometimes people think it's more accurate to talk to a person who can identify the breed based on appearance. I'm trying both so that I can plan out the healthiest lifestyle possible for her. I want her around for a very long time :)

Thanks for your help!

Hi guys,

My dog keeps shaking his head. It's been like it for the past 2 hours or so. I noticed him scratching his ears more than usual as well. I already have called the vet and she will be able to see him tomorrow morning.


However, I was wondering if there is anything I can do to give him relief in the meantime?

Was reading a question from a member of a fence being installed with posts ending next to a house and the property owner was having problem with his smaller dog getting out because of the gap, well I have a patent pending Fence End Spacer designed specially for chain link fence to eliminate such a problem, we are dog owners and a fence contracting business and our customer base were having the same problem ,so we develop and designed a unit to help our customers to protect their pets, children and properties, we call it the Barter Fence End Spacer and it is available for sale for galvanized and colored vinyl chain link fencing in black,white,brown, green and tan. It can be purchased by calling 601-766-3619 or email Please help us in our efforts to bring awareness to this new fence product to help prevent unnecessary injury and hardship to children and pets. Thanks Robert



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My king charles has always been good was toilet trained within a month if that but all of a sudden as he turned two years old hes started peeing up things around house in night and when hes left. please help would castrating him help? Thanks. 



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I was thinking about shaving my dog this summer, and wanted to see if other people who have done it in the past noticed a reduced level of dog hair around the house?

My female chow/sharpie mix that is 13-14 years old has a growing white wart-like bump that is hard is growing rapidly the vet says nothing, I SAY AN SOMEONE ADD AN OPINION. I did take pic's of it.
Thanks from my
dog and I.

Has anyone else heard that the Old English Sheepdog was just added to the watch list for possible extinction?  Which brings up an interesting question, is it legal to own an animal that is on the endangered species list?

Hope someone can help as we are currently looking after two King Charles Spaniels for friends while they are on holiday. Both spaniels have been dressed but one smells as if she is in heat. Is this normal or do you think we should see a vet?

Kind Regards

As luck would have it the puppy I decided to purchase has a heart murmur. She is 6 weeks old and the breeder has decided not to charge me for her even tho I insisted he keep money for the vet visit. That alone has me scared and I'm wondering what his vet told him. That in itself is very upsetting. On a scale of 1-6 where murmurs are concerned she is between a 2-3. :( I've been wanting this puppy for a couple of weeks so my heart is set on her. I'm going to go ahead and get her because I'm afraid she might be put to sleep by the breeder. I will set up a profile for her in a little bit. But I know so little about heart murmurs in puppies that I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of puppies born with heart murmurs? I'm getting her tomorrow and taking her to my vet next week. And depending on what my vet says she might have to go to a cardiologist and if they say surgery will save her I'll do it. Even if it means getting a loan. I'm sure heart surgery will not be cheap. :( Anyone have any dealings with a puppy born with a heart murmur? I also heard that it can go away as the pup gets older. But if she's a 2-3 on the scale of 6 it seems doubtful, to me anyway. Thanks!

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