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   I have a half siamese, half maine coon adult who LOVES to be brushed every day-he will actually go to where his brush is and whine.  He purrs and falls over when we brush him so I know it's enjoyable for him.  And while I aim to please the "master", I wonder how much is too much;  am I brushing off essential oils on his skin and fur?  Anyone have an opinion?

My kitten is 6 months old and I've had her since she was 8 weeks old (and she was not a feral or shelter kitten; her mother was a family pet). Since she was little, she has always been extremely hyper. But as she has gotten older, her misbehaving only became worse. 

She spends every evening running around like a small hurricane and getting into things she knows she's not supposed to (like on the bookshelves and kitchen counters). I suspect she is only doing this to get attention. But it gets old yelling at her to constantly get down. The vet recommended Feliway to help calm her down, but that doesn't seem to really affect her.

I've read a few things to do to train a kitten about misbehaving: distracting with other toys, spraying her with a water bottle, or putting her in "time out" (her cat carrier). But when I try to distract her, she starts attacking my hands and arms when she plays, to the point where she draws blood; she LOVES the water, so spraying her only seems to encourage her; and once I let her out of the carrier, she immediately starts misbehaving again. I've also heard that making a loud bang or hiss startles cats and they stop -- not this girl! She only gets more riled up. 

I love my little girl to death, but I'm getting so fed up with yelling at her and trying to get her to calm down. She gets fixed next week, so I'm hoping that will help. But in the mean time, what else should I do?!? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.



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OK, well my 8 year old neutered male cat has always been pretty vocal when it came close to feeding time.  Although now, he vocalizes ALL the time for food!  Every time I come in the door or just sitting on the couch. A small spray bottle used to work and after a quick spray he would stop, the past few weeks nothing phases him! What to do>>>>>>>>>>>?????????????

Hello!  I've had my cat Toonces for about two years now, since she was a kitten.  While I was filling out an application for adoption, it asked if I had any other animals and what breeds they were.  Obviously because of this thread, I have no clue what type of cat Toonces is.  (:  I did a bit of research though, and she has similar features to the Siberian Cat and Norwegian Forest cat breeds.  Sadly, until I find out what breed Toonces is I can't send in my adoption forms.  Here are a couple of photos of her:

[img][/img] [img][/img]

If it helps, Toonces is a small cat.  At two years old, she's only about as big as an adolescent cat.  Thank you! 



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I have a male and female cat, both from the same shelter. I am considering a third, -any comments or advice?



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I'm seen here my 7 month old cat October BUZZ who recently recovered from menengitis but is now having trouble using his hind legsand cant walk yet. slowly the legs are showing strength and there is alot of movement in  both just totally uncoordianted! just wondering if and when he will be able to walk. he gets massages and the chiropractor comes and and treats him. any thoughts are welcome!














































































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Does anyone know if No Kill shleters also accept cats? 



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hi, i am new to this site! i have 3 kitties already and we are all doing great, at the end of May i will be bringing my new little man home, his mom is doll faced persian and his dad is a flat faced! i have never had a long haired cat before, i know i have to have a deshedding tool and a metal comb for daily brushing of matts but if there is anything important i should know i would be really greatful for the information.

I have 3 cats, all males, 2 are neutered & the little one is at the vet today getting neutered. Earlier this week the little one (Toby) had been outside all night long, when he came back in the next morning my other 2 males started fighting, they are 9 & 4 years old & have been living in the same house with no behaviorial issues until this week. Could this aggressive behavior be caused by Toby being outside all night & then coming in with different smells on him? What do i do? I have kept the other 2 seperated for a few hours each day & then after a while they settle down & its back to a peaceful household again until the next morning & the fighting starts all over again. Will this stop after the little one is neutered or is it going to be an ongoing problem? HELP!!

My vet gave me Metacam to give to my 15 yr old cat for arthritis in her paw.  In January I went back for a refill – I 
have already use 2 bottles worth by this time – and she said she needed to do blood work because it sometimes 
damages the kidneys.  Her kidneys were a Level 1 – but she said not to worry.  I did not take the refill but the vet 
had given her some steroid shot for the swelling at that time.  My cat was diagnosed with extra skeletal osteosarcoma
 and during the surgery to remove the lump she said her blood work showed her kidney damage to be a level 3.  
She said it was her food and I needed to switch to Science Diet kd immediately to prevent further damage.  My
 cats diet consisted of Blue Buffalo Indoor (dry) and Wellness (wet).  I was shocked that her food did this until I 
started reading about kidney damage and read about Metacam.  I have switched my cat to a wet food diet.  I have 
been giving her the raw patties mixed with Instinct Wet.  I now have learned that I do need to lower the protein and
 phosphorus levels in her food.  I am going to switch to a grain free wet food (Weruva).  I am shocked to learn the 
through my vet I have been killing my cat.  Since the switch to wet – only a week now – I have notice that she is drinking 
less water than usual.  She still is playful and runs around the house.  Her urine seems to clump in a ball as 
opposed to a semi sticky pie as it was getting to be.  But – she has lost weight as this food is new to her and she 
was a little reluctant.  She is growing more accustom to her new eating habits.  I HOPE and pray that I have 
enough time to prevent further damage.  I am feeling useless  l am scrounging for help.  Any suggestions to help or 
words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your help. 

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