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hi. i have 3 cats, and my vet discovered a tapeworm on my female cat at her last visit. i am really afraid that my other 2 could pick up a tapeworm from the litterbox they share. could anybody help?

these kittens have their immunization up to date . they are up to date and are males and females. they will be coming with all papers. they are relatively cheap and worth they price as they are play ful, entertaining and friendly to their host and other home based pets. contact for more information

My 3 year old cat has recently been sleeping a lot more, not coming when called, has dry nose, will sit, stare off into space & rock, meowing a lot more than usual & seems to have lost his balance. He is eating  & drinking & hasn't lost any weight but I am very worried about him. Seems like he has lost his mind a little.

Over the past month, I have acquired 2 kittens- one male that is about 4 months and one female that's a little younger. Before getting them, I had read up on clicker training cats, so I began to clicker train them right away (seperately, of course). The older male has done extraordinarily well. I successfully loaded the clicker, found a treat that he was crazy about, and taught him to come when called.

The female is a different story and has me at my wits end. It's not that she's not intelligent; it's just that she will NOT cooperate. I was successfully able to load the clicker with her (I know because I clicked without a reward and she searched for one), so I know she is capable of learning. However, when we throw in the commands, and she has to work for the treat, it's like she shuts down or gets bored. When we begin training, I always let her smell the treat to begin with, and then begin with the particular command I want to focus on (so far it's only the "come" command because I can't get her to pick it up). With the "come" command, once I have her attention and issue the command, she will slowly waltz toward me, stopping to look out the window, stopping to clean her paws a little, stopping to scratch on the carpet, etc. All the while I am about to pull my hair out! Once she does make it to me, I click, give a treat, and praise her over and over, and the process begins again.

When I first started training, she would sometimes sniff the treat and walk away, so I was like, "Okay, well maybe she doesn't like the treat. I need to find a better incentive." After several different types of reward including various treats and toys (as well as attempting training before a meal so she would be hungry), nothing is working. I have no idea what I am doing wrong! I know that she is probably just as confused as I am, but her seeminly indifferent attitude is so frustrating! Does anyone have any advice?

My cat has been on Prednisolone for six years due to an allergy where he would itch so much he would get bare spots on his skin.   About two years ago, he developed an open sore on a paw and it has gradually grown larger and now it is bright pink and quite puffed up, but not infected.   I have been trying Derma Gel for one week now and it has not changed.   He also has kidney disease, but no diabetes.   He is around 12 years old.   The vet told me that there is nothing that can be done.   I would like to switch him off the Pred and put him on something else for his skin allergy.   Any of you have something similar to this and have advice for me?   Thanks!

Hello everyone!! I have always been curious about what kind of breed my lil fatboy Sandy is. At one of our vet trips I was looking at the posters on the wall. One poster had pictures of car breeds. The moment I saw the Turkish Van picture I couldn't help but think about my cats resemblance to the Turkish Van. I went home and looked up this breed and noticed a lot of similar traits. He loves water; when he was a kitten he would jump in the shower with me. He liked to sit in the ledge of the tub and play in the water. He loves being up high- sometimes I wonder how the heck he gets in the places he does. He's super loving & will give you kisses a d headbutts as a sign of affection. 

He is orange & white and weighs 12.7 lbs. his tail is fluffy and he is long hair -very very soft fur. He is 9 years old & I love him to pieces! Bet can't & the longest cat I have ever owned! 

How do I upload a picture so everyone can see my handsome lil guy? Would love to figure out what kind of breed he is!!


Summer & Sandy 

Hi there,

I fell in love with cat, and I'd really like to know what kind breed it is.
If anyone has any idea what type/breed it is, I'd really appreciate it :)

Thank you! :)



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We saved a Tuxedo kitten just over a year ago her name is scooter.  We, of course, have three other jealous cats.  They range Maverick, 17 yrs old, Toots 8 yrs old, Smoke 8 yrs and Scooter 1yr and 2 months.

All the cats except Toots get along fine with Scooter.  We are having trouble with Scooter.  You just mention toots name and she heads for under the couch.  At first we kept them apart and gradually let them meet mainly by smelling where the other had been and just followed the plan of how to help them accept one another.  One day Toots got out of the room and a fight happened we immediately intervened and I believe Scooter has never gotten over it.  We have noticed lately Toots doesn't pay much attention to Scooter but when Scooter takes off running for cover Toots goes after her.  We have put them on the screen porch together Scooter does the submission and they don't fight now.  Well, once,  I just sprayed water and put Toots in the room.  I just want to know how to calm Scooter down and is there something I can give her.  I don't want to keep them in a closed room any longer even though we rotate them.  I have been leaving the door opened more but Scooter is about too big to hide under the couch....If you have any ideas all will be appreciated. 

Just adding my Babies that have past away....Tutti, passed away nine years ago she lacked two weeks being 21 years old.  Dobber, past away a eight months ago she was 18 and 1/2 years old so we love our furry babies.    

12 year old cat having fits of biting at her back area. She will flop around on the floor biting at self and she will urinate some. Does not stiffen up like a seizure, but can't be handled while it's happening. Usually last from 30 secs to a min, and happens several times a day. Please tell me what this might be?



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I have a kitten and she broke a bone about 4 weeks ago. The vet had said after 4 weeks she would be able to probably get it off. Well it came off today and the vet office is closed. I was just wondering how they act when their cast is able to come off? I am just trying to debate if she is acting normal or not so I dont have to waste a good 100-150 at the vet tomorrow. She has been grooming it alot, and is walking on it. It seems it is stiff though. I figure that should be normal though. Any help would be great. 

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