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Just introducing myself. I'm jay and cats are cute11

I am doing to just give the details, the first Discussion I typed timed out because it was too long, lol.

I have a 12 year old American Short Hair, 19 Lbs, indoor only.  Has had a senior check up with 2 follow up vets visits in the last 2 months. He is a special diet and has had tests to rure out that he  has diabetes because of his weight .
He has been licking himself bald, often resulting in bleeding. Vet said he has OCD and prescribed Kitty Prozac which leaves him being doped up. He is still licking non stop. He often jumps up and meows like something bit him (which it has not). He also had a recent steroid shot to help, which it has not. 
Two weeks ago he started to pee outside the cat box. I have had him for 5 years (daughters cat- new grand baby is allergic) and he has never done this. So now I have to baby gate him in the tiled laundry room where his cat box (and food and water of course) instead of him having the usual run of his kingdom. There has been no changes in our home to upset him.
I am extremely sad at the thought of having to put him down, but believe in quality of life. Can I have some advice or opinions. I apologize about rambling just trying to get all details in.

Greetings everyone,

I have a 4 years old cat since 2 years.

2 weeks ago I adopted a 1 year old cat.

I have followed Jackson Galaxy's method on introducing two cats. I have taken it really slow; I allowed them to see each other AFTER introducing scent, peeping through doors and sharing meal times across the door. In short, I did all my research on introducing both.

Now when I allowed both kitties in one room my problem is,

They just sit there hissing and growling at each other. None of both came forward to at least sniff one another. None of both attacked each other (Thanks Goodness) But only the hissing and growling continues whenever they face each other. The result is my older/resident cat just backs off and moves out of the room slowly as if she gets scared of the new kitty. This has been happening from 5 days. Same thing.

Is this normal?

If this running away continues how will they get closer, sniff each other and make friends?

Am I doing something wrong?

Do I have to do something else?


Sorry for the long post, Please guide me.

Hi. I have lost two cats in the past 5 months.  I know I am going to cry the whole time I write this.  :(  I have owned a cats my whole life, so this is not something I am new at or a lack of knowledge.  I rescued a cat from the humane society at 10 months old.  She lived with us for a year and 3 months.  Georgia was a dilute calico, ragdoll, and maybe some coon.  She was the most amazing cat I have ever owned.  I noticed that she never really peed a lot but didn't think too much about it because she was on the petite side.  But she really peed a fourth of amount than my other cat did.  She peed consistently, just not a huge amount.  I noticed she stopped grooming herself, had lost weight, and didn't want to eat.  She was kinda acting weird for a week, but nothing to give off that I knew she was sick per say.  I took her to the vet and they ran blood work and she was in renal failure.  Her levels were off the charts on some of the things.  She was dying and they said it was best to put her down.  Worst day ever! She died the day before Thanksgiving. I didn't understand how this could happen.  The vet mentioned something toxic and we went through the typical list and nothing made sense.  I don't have plants, no meds on the floor or for her to get access to, no antifreeze, etc.  She was an indoor only cat as well.  I know that when I look back on pictures now, I can see 3 weeks prior that her fur didn't look as nice as normal, etc.  I didn't notice anything during the time though as a red flag.  Her breath had turned to smelling bad over a few months, but didn't think too much about that because pet's breath aren't the best smelling things. 

So, I researched galore on what could have happened.  Read about how dry food diet are hard on kidney, looked up any toxin possible, read how a water fountain promotes more drinking to hydrate kidneys, etc.  I knew I wanted a ragdoll so I sought out a reparable breeder.  I didn't go to joe smoe, but someone who knew what they were doing, had lots of history, everything checked out.  We got a kitten from her.  We did get the kitten pretty fast after Georgia because my youngest son was having an extremely hard time with her loss.  Samson, the new kitten, arrived.  He stayed in my room for the first two weeks with a little supervised downstairs time.  We finally let him out during the day when we were out more.  He was so little and our house was so big, I was paranoid that he would pee somewhere on accident or get lost, so I watched him like a hawk.  Plus, he was like a dog.  He never left my side, ever! We had guest come into town, so he was babied all day long and no one let him out of their site because they wanted to be with him. He ate expensive food (dry and wet) and had a new water fountain.  I did everything to make sure this cat was not going to have a problem!  Within 2 weeks and 5 days of having him, he seemed to not feel good.  My vet friend said it was probably upset tummy from the different wet food.  I thought he was dying because I just did this and was SO paranoid!  He threw up a tiny bit two times.  The next morning was the same.  I knew something was wrong in my gut.  I took him to the vet ER.  They did an x-ray and blood work.  He did have wet gas in his belly, but his bloodwork said KIDNEY FAILURE!  I can not tell you how devastated I felt and shocked.  Vet and I went through the whole toxic thing again.  He tells me it doesn't sound like you have anything.  The kitten had been in my room and in the our living room/kitchen only.  He was always with someone too.  HOW IS THIS HAPPENING AGAIN!?!?!?!  The vet told me that my identical situation happened to his wife and him and they are both vets.  He said he thought it was really bad luck.  Samson died 3 weeks after we got him. 

I flipped my house upside down praying to find something so I can just know why!  Nothing!  Nothing is here!  I have gone through theories galore about it.  Is it the tap water, is it something in my hard wood floors, is my house poisoned somehow, etc.  I have come to a dead end on every theory.  I am so scared to get a cat and have something happen again.  I have been reassured by many that it is not going to happen and it what was it was.  Our breeder is replacing the kitten with a little older one that will be from a different mother and father eventually.  I don't know what I am looking for as far as an answer, but I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had something like this happen or ideas of what it could be.  Also, I do have a dog that has lived in our current house for 2 years.  None of my cleaning habits or products have changed either.  I did have a cat for 13 years before.  The only difference is we are in a new house that we rent. 

This is an extremely hard and sensitive thing for me to share and tell a bunch of people.  I appreciate anything you can offer me.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

I have a 5-year old female Ragdoll who has always been a bit small in frame.  I also have a 4-year old male Singapura.  They never had food problems until about 4 months ago.  My cats could eat about anything and they did well.  

About 4 months ago I switched dry food and it was a really bad mistake.  They began vomiting and lost weight.  I tried to switch back to the old food, but they still vomited that food now.  The Ragdoll went from 14 pounds down to 9.  She couldn't hold anything down.  I took both cats to the vet, and tried a new food, a soft food (Wellness, Turkey) and they were fine with that food.  

Both cats have gained back SOME of the weight, and they never vomit now.  But the Ragdoll is now around 11 pounds and eats well, and the Singapura is still about 1 pound lighter than before this all happened.  He's about 6.5 pounds now.

They eat well, like the food, and seem healthy and active.  But should I be worried that they never returned to their dry food weight?  



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Some advice, techniques, ways.. on how to train my kitty to poop in a litter box..

How much days or weeks or months do I need before my kitty masters this one??

Thanks! Hope I can get answers :)



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We have an 18 year old tabby. Lately she started randomly crying out. We call to her, and she settles. We thought she might have lost her vision, but she can track our movements and still likes to play. She has a basket in the corner of our bedroom and she will face the wall and cry out, and is fine when we respond to her. We wonder if she's getting disoriented somehow. Do cats get dementia?



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My little orange tabby has had 4 surgeries in a 6 month period. She has a need to eat soft plastic. First time she ate a nipple from a baby bottle. Second time was a chunk of corn on the cob. Third time was part of a Wii remote cover. Fourth time was part of a silicone oven mitt. She's currently on Prozac for her pica. However we had a scare a few weeks back and she ate, but three up a soft mouse you. And now I'm not sure what she ate, but she's not eating. She's acting how she was when she had intestinal blocks. She can't physically have any more surgeries. She's been on medication for over 3 months. But she seems to still have this problem. Had anyone been through this? I need someone to talk to and get advice from. I'm at such a loss and I don't know what to do. Has anyone been in this situation?

My kitty was 7 years old. He was not showing any signs of being unhealthy. Everything was completely normal the night before. My boyfriend and I came home from work Monday, and found our cat laying on a box, he was cold and stiff. He had probably been there all day, there was no food missing from his bowl, and nothing in the litter box. I just have no clue what could have happened. When we found him, I noticed his eyes were partly open and looked black instead of his beautiful green, and they looked bloodshot around the black. His mouth was partly open and I could see a lot of white in there with some blood, it looked more like vomit than foam though. There was also a spot on his nose that looked like something might have leaked out of it either while he was dying or right after he died. His tail was completely up and the fur on it was poofed out. Does anybody have any idea of what might have happened?



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My savannah kitten is nervous and skittish. Ive have him almost 3 weeks, and each time I think we are making progress its like we take a step back. Any advice on what I can do to gain his trust

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