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My lab is about 12 years old, and thankfully he is staying healthy.  Has anyone tried using a supplement or daily vitamin?  I am wondering if they really help and or keep a dog feeling young.



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Below breed is known for its affection and getting along well with kiddos and other dogs.


Unjustifiably named a "sourmug," the Bulldog is really a standout amongst the most diverting, good humored, and beguiling mutts you can discover. Of course, he can for the most part remain to lose a couple pounds, yet what number of us could state any extraordinary? Dedicated and warm, the Bulldog is best for the, should we say, on-the-sofa Cupid.

Irish Wolfhound:
We get a kick out of the chance to call this person the delicate mammoth. One of the world's biggest breeds, he is solid and strong. Be that as it may, the Irish Wolfhound is additionally a standout amongst the most delicate, honorable, and adorable canines you'll ever meet. So after that long stroll on the moon-lit shoreline, you can snuggle close beside the chimney. Simply recall, no chocolates!

Miniature Schnauzer:
With his little facial hair, rugged eyebrows and some of the time livened up ears, the Miniature Schnauzer is just about the cutest little Valentine anybody could request. Simply don't you be calling him little. He wouldn't care for it and would most likely dump you speedier than Kim Kardashian separated Kris Humphries.

Looking for a female to mate my Alfie who is two years old and is cross bichon frease and maltease



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My pet dog just suffered miscarriage today... Seeing he cry and bleed I feel helpless



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My 2year old pit hound mix has separation anxiety. When myself or my husband leaves him he acts a fool. How can I break him of this so he can stay home alone sometimes?

  The main goal of this post is to find a crate that a dog can't break out of or chew her way out of order but her head and break the gate out. Here's my story . I just rescued a 55 pound female terrier pit mix she is so sweet and lovable she follows us around the house from room to room everywhere you go you only place you can go to the bathroom but she said it's outside the door you can't leave her because she whines and yelps when being left alone i think  probably from  having her puppies taken from her or from being abandoned .  We are going to invest in some obedience training but my question is she's gone through two crates into weeks she can break out of both of them and broke the other she doesn't like being in there because she doesn't like being left alone but when we are home she loves to go in there and lay and take her toys so what kind of crate trained 

Does anyone  have experience with dogs that are half pyrenees and half anatolian shepherd?  if so can you elaborate on positives or negatives.  I am considering getting a puppy as  a pet.  i have had a male pyrenees and he was a wonderful dog.



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hey everybody,
my wife and i have a 16 week old boston terrier puppy named rico. we love him with all our hearts, but he's a real handful at times. he's very smart, and tends to act like he can't hear us when he's doing something shady. he chews a lot of stuff up, including the "replacement" bed we just got him, and had to toss out. he playfully nips people, sometimes pretty firmly, causing pain. we walk him a lot, and even have him walked 2x daily while we're at work. but he still acts out. lately he's really been testing my nerves. i try to be a good caretaker, and when i come home from work, i always sit down with him first for at least 20 minutes. i know a lot of this stuff is just puppy behavior, and puppies are like babies. when he gets me angry, i try to keep calm, knowing that punishing a dog can confuse them. i know it makes dogs act even more stubborn. someone told me that getting rico clipped will calm him down a little bit.he does try to establish dominance with me, which is rather comical at times. i've held him down several times, pinning him down for 3-5 minutes at a time, which has changed his perspective. someone told me that even allowing a dog into your home first gives him the impression that they have the reigns. not sure how acurate that is. i really love this dog, and i hope we have him for a long time. i'm def. willing to do what's necessary to improve our relationship. ANY BOSTON TERRIER OWNERS WHO COULD THROW SOME ADVICE MY WAY? ANY TWO CENTS WOULD BE APPRECIATED.


I have a 6.5 month old puppy.  I got her at 2 months. When I first got her I noticed she would occasionally Yawn and Whine/Yelp when she was tired and we were walking.

Now at 6.5 months she seems to do this Yawn/Whine/Yelp more often.  I take her to run each morning for 30 minutes then we go on her 15 minute slow walk in the neighborhood. A few hours later the Yawn comes in, with the Whine sound.  

She seems to be fine, no limping, loves to eat her meals, and play.  Could she just be a vocal dog, or bored,  Just trying to understand.   Thanks

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