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I've been brushing my dog's teeth 1 or 2 times a week, Also give him Greenies every other day or so.  I'm using dog toothpaste, but it's pretty expensive.  Will baking soda hurt a dog?  I use it on my own teeth sometimes.  It does a great job of cleaning teeth, but am hesitant to use it on Quincy.  Anyone know?

I just heard that trident gum is realy poisionus to dogs. Does anyone know if thats true?

I left for vacation over new year’s eve, and when I got home he seemed very standoffish.  Does anyone think he could be depressed or mad at me?  How would I know?

Can anyone recommend a good way to exercise an old dog that has signs of arthritis? My boy thunder is getting old, and because of his arthritis I feel bad taking him on long walk. Advice needed... 

One day Dexter my dog got his head in the fence so my mom got vege. oil and then my cats Juleein and Haze licked it off. Then we had to dismanel the fence. And he was scared to go out the fence door, I think that he might of been after something but what do you think?Do you think the same as me???

Hey everyone, I was thinking about getting my husband a dog for christmas, and I have heard a labradoodle was a great breed.  Can anyone tell me if they think they think a labradoodle would be a good choice?

I saw the commercial a hundred times, but have never met anyone who has actually used the pedi paws nail trimmer.  Has anyone here ever tried it?  Can you tell me if its a good product or not?



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how do you manage to bath dogs that are too playful? how can you handle the grooming procedure?

Worst morning of my life today.  I woke up and found that I had left the door open and my dog got out.  Worst of all, no tags on!  I cant tell all of you how much pain it caused it me to think that my three year old black lab had gotten lost in San Francisco.  I immediately put up flyers of my dog missing with my phone number and his picture.  My friends all chipped in and started driving all around helping me look (thanks again to everyone!).  It was Sunday morning and all the shelters were closed, but was next on my places to look.  Sure enough, a neighbor had seen the flyer and did a quick search on CraigsList for anyone who might of found a dog.  Bam, I got a call letting me know they saw a post of someone who found a dog.  I replied to the post, and sure enough, they had found my dog.  I cant tell all of you how bad it felt when I realized my dog went missing, and how relieved and happy I was to have found him.  The major point I wanted to share was how great of a resource CraigsList was in helping me find my dog.



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My roommate has a lab and his dog sheds all over the place.  Its constant, and I am sick of eating breakfast/dinner and finding hair in my food.  Its everywhere!  Does anyone have any tips on how to reduce the amount of hair that this dog sheds?  Would taking him to groomer or daily brushing help.  Any trade secrets would be much appreciated.

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