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Our 17 month old Maltese dog is happy and healthy and the love of our lives she is house trained and uses puppy training pads for urinating at night. She has her own bed and lots of toys. She has a walk every day and wrestles in a friendly way with our cat who is the same age and we got them both on the same day so they have always been happy with each other. The dog has begun to chew and lick her right front paw just up to the top of her toes she doesn't do this to any other part of her body. There is very little hair left on her toes.

Shih Tzus,her name is Molly and she was 2 in April
She has always been a very happy and loved being around people,for the last month and half if not longer,she has become very withdrawn and seems to be nervous,this is really out off personality.
I have taken her to vet a few times but they cant find anything wrong.
when I take her out she loves it and has plenty off walks which she always has had,will run around play with other dogs etc.
In house is where the change happens looks very tired at times and fed up.
goes into a room on her own rather than be with company.
when called she will not come,she does sleep with me at night and is happy then seems relaxed.
I have even thought she may of been mistreated but there hasnt been a chance for that as far as i know.
when i go out i leave back door open for her as i have a yard with very high walls,but she will stay in bedroom.
Can,t think what else to say there is more i am so worried and my daughter who is 19 has also noticed all this.



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Does this little girl look like she'll be a mini size or a standard? She's about 7 weeks. 



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im looking to get a dog(s) but cant decide between these three breeds can people please help me

any help is much appreciated
Kind Reguards



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I thought it was the cutest thing when I left one day to go run an errand and when I came home Bella and Gigi were sleeping together. It was almost like they were overlapped and they were. Bella was sleeping on her stomach and Gigi was right on top of Bella's back!!! So cute :)



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Please help me identify the second breed of my lab mix! She was adopted and her heritage is unknown. 

Whenever I adopted my little Dipper 3 months ago I was told by Humane Society that he was more than likely a Beagle/Jack Russel  Mix. Ever since then he grew bigger and bigger and now (by the age of 5 months) people start asking me if he is a Pitbull mix. He surely doesn't look like a Jack Russel/Beagle. The photos that came closest were of Pitbull/Boxer Mixes but Dipper also has a longer nose that most. I'm very confused!!!I would like to know his breed so I can properly raise him and make sure he becomes a well behaved and happy dog!

Thanks for your help!

I recently adopted a 2 year old Amstaff names Diesel. I also have a 6 year old lab mix named Cooper and two cats. Things have been going okay but there is still alot of tension between the two dogs. They can be in the same room but Diesel will try to hump Cooper and he does not like it!! Cooper will growl and I seperate them asap to avoid confronation between the two but I dont know what is the best approach and if they will ever get along???? Any advice would be great, thanks!

Home dog training allows you the advantage of watching your puppy or dog transform from a mischievous menace into a well-behaved and obedient pet; and this happens in the privacy of your home. However, if you decide to call the dog trainer, here are 5 tips for in-home dog training.

Share your tips here for all pet lovers to know!!

I'm trying to figure out what breed my dog is. When I got him I was told he was a lab/pit mix. But I'm not convinced. He kinda has the face of a pit, but he is not stocky at all,  he is actually very skinny (not unhealthy-the trainer said he won't gain weight cause of his high energy) and he's very tall.

He is about 11 months old and 50lbs. And he is VERY energetic. He's a fast learning. Very friendly, he climbs into my lap every chance he gets. He has a high prey instinct, chasing the cats all the time. Need anymore info don't hesitate to ask.

Here are some pictures of him:

Thanks for any help!!

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