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I have a male neutered 4 yr old German shepherd/ greyhound mix, named Moose. I have had him and his sister since they were puppies and I have 2 other dogs that I had before. Moose seems to be "resource guarding" me. I have read about correcting "resource guarding" but what if the "resource" is me? He does not like it when my husband raises his voice or if we rough house at all. He also does not like it when I play with the other dogs or give them attention. He will get up abruptly to cut off one of the other dogs if they are coming to me. If he is not in his crate, he is sitting by me with his ears back very anxiously looking around the room. A lot of what I have read has been how to fix the problem if the dog guards the "resource" from his human. But the problem I have is that he guards me from anyone else. Moose has attacked my other dog multiple times because of this. How do I correct the problem? How to I stop my dog from seeing me as a "resource"? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)



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My dogs love to chase bubbles.  If you only have a short time to play with your dogs, get a bottle of bubbles (non-toxic) and let the fun begin.  Jack likes it so much, he will go to where I keep the container and bark at it until I open it and start playing with him.

I took my dog to the dog park yesterday and there were a lot of dogs and people playing.  One woman was throwing the ball for her dog, when my dog ran and grabbed/stole this persons ball.  She got so mad at us becasue my dog was playing chase and wouldnt give it back.  It just seems to me that if people bring a toy to a public dog park, than they take the risk of it being stolen by another dog.

My daughter just started walking and it seems to be freaking out my boxer dog.  He has started growling at her, and I am afraid that he might actually bite her.  At the point where I cant trust my anymore, but don't want to give him.  If I cant change his behavior, I will have no choice.  

Any tips on what I can do?

Hello. I just would like to know the breed of my dog. She is still a puppy and of mixed breed buy I don't know what breed. Hope you could help me out. Thank you!



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My aussie shepherd black lab mix eats organic coconut oil.   We use it as skin moisturizer and she goes crazy trying to eat as we are putting it on.   I don't believe it will hurt her because you cook with it and her coat is beautiful.   Anybody have a clue what this is? She we continue letting her eat it

I just want to state that i think german rottweilers should be in the top ten dog breeds they are a wonderfull animal and an amazing family pet i have three of them and a two year old and they all get along like family they are an absolute joy to have around

In case your dog gets too many hiccups and you don't know what to do, then here are some points which you must remember.



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I just bought a 4 month old puppy and was wondering what breed she is I know shes a mix but other than that I dont know can someone help me figure it out

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