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Yesterday my cat suddenly died?so the day before yesterday everything was fine he was at home playing around with my other cats,so he went out and he didnt come home so we knew something was wrong so we went out to look for him and there he was my mom found him in a drain.he was laying there not moving and curled up.we took a cloth and covered him and put him in a box we looked around his body to find out how he died and found no bite but scratches on his hands and legs.we still didnt understand how he died. we were very sad and so my brother took him and buried him.

does anyone know or have a suggestion on how he died?



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Has anyone ever experienced a cat suddenly start panting heavily and drooling like a dog?  Our torbie Pearl has had periodic episodes like this for about three years.  Thankfully they're rare episodes, and the vets say they're  not likely to be fatal as she is breathing and getting oxygen, but they are scary as hell and we race her to the emergency vet.  The vets cannot find a root cause. She has seen a cardiologist, an internist, and a neurologist, had echocardiograms twice and a brain MRI, all normal.  She has a very teeny bit of asthma, but the vet said not enough to cause this reaction and also we had an asthmatic cat and we know what that looks like and it's not this.  She sometimes vomits before and sometimes loses control of her bladder during (though not always), and just kind of goes down limp and starts open-mouth breathing and drooling.  She comes out of it on her own.  Sometimes it's taken longer and she stayed in oxygen at the emergency vet, and sometimes she's out of it even before we get the carrier to take her.  She hadn't had an attack since last fall then had an attack this morning but was largely out of it by the time I found her under our bed, so we are just letting her be and watching her very closely.
The internist says it's anxiety, but she is not a nervous cat at all. She's the only one of our cats who doesn't bolt when the doorbell rings, the only one that lets strangers pet her, and she doesn't even mind the vacuum cleaner. She's really chill. So if it is a panic attack, it is being driven by something physiological but nobody can figure out what.  We wonder if it is some kind of seizure or perhaps an allergy that she suddenly feels like she can't breathe normally and freaks out.  She's an indoor cat.


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I just lost my Little Baby Tiger Lily.  She had that long name because there was a Tiger Lily before her, who looked just like her.  A tortie.  She was fine her whole life, until this evening, 5:15 pm - I was there, right there.  She made a very loud, long gasp and I was right there.  Her brother went the same way, and I did CPR immediately.  I did it right, until I could not do it anymore.  I kept her pink, but she never regained consciousness.  I don't think she would have made it, even if I could have kept on pumping.  I was exhausted, and I don't think she could have made it - so hard to stop, but I had to, could not physically continue.  She is here on my bed now and I can't do anything else - googled sudden cat deaths and this site is a blessing.  I think it was a pulmonary embolism.  Her brother had a heart murmur and went the same way 2 years ago.  The heart murmur was not caught in her, but I think it was there.  If she didn't have something blocking her lungs / heart, she should have lived.  I think..   I guess I am writing because I don't want her passing to go unspoken.  Like, who cares about a cat.  I am so upset.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking time and reading my post. My kitty Tiger is very sick. The diagnose is a kidney failure. I am doing my best to help him. Unfortunately the medicare for pets is very expensive in USA and I am not able to pay the bills myself. ( Suddenly). I dont know what to do and I was started a donation campaign. Please if you have some desire to help it will be highly appreciated. Take a look at my campaign by looking the link below:

Thanks to everyone who's care.

Irina and Tiger

I just lost my Tiger Lily.  I was right there.  She was fine all day, yesterday, day before.  Today, as usual, jockeying with her sister for attention.  I heard this long moan and saw her on her side, with her head and neck outstretched.  Two seconds to get there and pick her up, and she was already limp and not breathing.  I gave her CPR, and I did it right.  Right away, when it happened.  And still, I could not hold onto her.  Most likely a pulmonary embolism.  Her brother died like this 2 years ago - had a heart murmur.  Others related to her also had heart murmurs.  It was not caught on her, but I'm sure she had the same thing.  Very sad, and it does not seem to get easier.  Guess I wanted to post just so her passing would not go unnoticed by the world.  Thanks for listening.



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Just wanting to get opinion on what people think of giving a cat to a family member as a gift?  In my situation it would be replacing my grandfather's cat who passed due to old age.  She actually had to be put down, which is always sad, but despite my grandfather acting tough/macho, I could tell he misses having his cat around.  He says he would not necessarily want a new cat, but from what I can tell I think he would really enjoy having a new companion.  The hard part is knowing if I am overstepping any boundaries by getting him a new cat and/or really knowing if wants a new cat.  I do know he enjoyed his last cat, and because he lives alone, I think he would really enjoy the company.  On the other hand he may just not want a cat anymore.  I really want to get him a cat, but giving someone else a new pet could either be a really great gift, or it could be a really bad gift.  Thoughts?

I want to add Brewers Yeast to my two cats diet because I hear it promotes a healthy coat and skin and repels fleas. But I can't find any that doesn't have garlic flavoring and I thought garlic was toxic to cats!?! It all says it is vet safe , but ?

My prego cat that was 2 was playing on her cat tree with her older daughter at 12pm my son walked out the door and I thought mj snuck out behind him I looked for her until 2am at 3 i found her dead at the bottom of the cat tree she had a horrifying smell And rigor mortis had not even set in yet can someone please tell me what happend she was very healthy and young

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